'Tis the Season to Plan Your Holiday Party!


It seems like just yesterday you were grilling hot dogs at your Summer BBQ Kick Off and now you’re already scrambling to deck the halls for your company holiday party. Wondering how to keep the bah-humbug out of your holiday festivities this year? We guarantee you can’t find a grinch in sight at any of these holiday shindigs. Fa la-la la-la!

12 Teams A-Running

Explore your city as you scurry around on our Classic Holiday Scavenger Hunts. How tall is the tallest Christmas tree? How many candles are on a menorah? What is Umoja? Find out the answers to these questions and more in our best-selling holiday game.

11 Tricky Puzzles

Put on those thinking caps (or Santa hats) and figure out how the CEO stole Christmas. We’ve got a set of brain-busting puzzles that will require not only your team’s sharp investigative skills, but also their wit and creativity. A great time for the most analytical members of your team.

10 Smiling Children

Spread your holiday cheer by having fun and giving back this year. From building bikes to gathering school supplies for kids, your team will look back on their contributions and smile.

Also, with recent natural disasters in Texas, Asia and Africa, we can partner with you to set up a give back event to support victims of any of these regions.  Learn how to be prepared yourself with our Disaster Preparedness experience.


9 Lip Syncing Santas

Does your team have what it takes to rock around the Christmas tree? Pick your favorite song to lip sync to, our choreographers will give you some moves, and we’ll create an unforgettable music video holiday card that the rest of the company will surely love.

8 Dancing Zombies

Have you dreamt of flash mobbing Thriller your coworkers? Or what about Beyonce’s End of Time? Or Abba's Dancing Queen? We are ready to make your dreams come true! Turn your and your coworkers into your favorite pop star in an impressive flash mob

7 Bars To Crawl To

Prance to your city’s watering holes with fun missions at every stop along the way. Whisper the secret password to the bartender to get today’s special! Find the best eggnog in town, dust off your karaoke caroling, and compete in some classic head to head challenges. A rowdy good time in any town!

6 Mannequins Frozen

Is your team ready for the Mannequin Challenge? Our choreographers and videographers will help your team get poised and ready for the ultimate game of freeze! This video becomes a once in a lifetime holiday card for colleagues, friends and loved ones when you unfreeze, jump up and shout “Happy Holidays” at the end!

5 Different Decades

Is Bob from Accounting a jazzercise junkie? Is Sandra in Marketing obsessed with The Beatles? Let us throw you the ultimate decade party!  So whether you want to polish those disco shoes or your unpack treasured AC/DC tour shirt, we’ll bring the costumes,  trivia, music, and some fun challenges to get you mingling and laughing with your coworkers like never before. 

4 Shiny Colors

Embrace your inner red, green, blue and yellow for a holiday competition of classic Color Wars and other Lawn Games! Compete in a series of absurd challenges that will have you laughing all the way into the new year.

3 Rounds of Trivia

How many sides are on a dreidel? Which country claims Christmas Island as its territory? You're the next contestant in our hilarious holiday game show, complete with custom questions about your co-workers and boss.

2 Groups of Drummers

We'll bring the band leader, drums and piles of percussion instruments to prove that your coworkers have more rhythm than a shaking Santa. Pa rum pum pum pum!

1 Planted Orchard

Instead of decorating a tree that only lasts until January, why not plant a tree or rather an orchard that will last for years to come? The Go Game has partnered up with our fruit tree planting friends to teach you how to plant an orchard that will feed a village.  (California groups only)

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