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Apocalypses happen.

But with our Flex Switch policy, we don't let that get in the way of you and your team having an amazing time. Leveraging our virtual event platform, Weve, you can now transition between in-person, virtual and hybrid events with as little as 3 hours notice in select US cities! So, whether it's travel delays, health issues, or frogs falling from the sky - Weve got you covered!


Game Overview

With Heart
Up to 1000 Players

The Go Game’s popular charity CSR games are a great choice for your team to come together to do some good for your community.  

Choose from our Build A Bike Game or Give Back Treasure Hunt, where teams race to collect toys, school supplies or toiletries for a local non-profit with an option to do a feel good live donation at the end of the game.

How It Works

The Setup

Our Build A Bike challenge combines game-play, learning physical mechanics and team work, resulting in fully functional bicycles that you can donate or keep for your team. It’s a great way to give back to your community or your employees! Our professional emcee will host the game, distribute supplies and keep track of each team’s points, making sure everyone stays engaged.

The Game

Each team will use a Go Game iPhone that they use to play the game. In the first phase, teams will complete trivia and creative missions to earn points and bike parts. Then they’ll be directed to assemble their bikes. The third phase brings them to different stations for decorating, inspecting, and riding their bike through obstacles!

Customize your experience by sending us your company-based questions and answers in advance. Your players will be surprised and delighted when those customized questions appear.

“I have done build a bike activities before and I was dreading it when I saw the bikes. You did a phenomenal job making this a better experience. It was so much fun and creative. I felt the team building was excellent and the experience with the kids was great.

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