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Lawn Games

Ditch the tech and bring back that campy feeling

Game Overview

Up to 500 Players

During our Lawn Games, teams compete in a series of hilarious challenge stations. Think "Field Day" with a creative twist.

Each station offers a different physical or mental challenge, sure to delight the athlete and non-athlete alike. Players may build towers out of spaghetti, use skateboards and plungers in a relay race, and play a host of more well-known classic camp-style games like potato sack races or tug-o-war. We have a list of time-tested games that will bring the laughs and high fives.


Why We Love this Game Arrow

The Challenges

After witnessing players launch yoga balls, pirouette out of danger, and get rather sweaty, we think we've distilled the Field Day down into the perfect elixir of camaraderie and playful competition. A good Lawn Game should see the jock, the nerd and everyone in between get a 'hero moment.'  Some of our favorite games that you've likely never heard of are:

Zorb Soccer
Speed Pictionary
Skateboard Plunger Relay
LEGO Bridge Build
Liquid Relay
Egg Drop Building
Giants, Wizards, and Elves

We've got hundreds more where those came from...

Go Game Lawn Game Options

The Format

Our Game Producers, assisted by keen-eyed game referees, are there to be your master of ceremonies, your ring announcer and keeper of the scores. They can strike the perfect balance between competitiveness or silliness, depending on the make-up of your group.

During our Lawn Game, each team will face off against each other for at least one event. It's like the World Cup, but no one gets knocked out, and at the end everyone sort of feels like they won. Except for the first place team. They definitely know they won. You'll be able to recognize them by the smug looks and the giant trophy they'll be hauling to the office on Monday.

Lawn Games Team Building Go Game

“Well thought and interesting concept! Loved it. Keep up the good work guys!”

Sudesna M

    Photos of Lawn Games


    Good Times Were Had

    Join the thousands of players who have played to win with our Lawn Games. We can't guarantee victory, but we CAN tell you that you will bond like never before.

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