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Case Studies

Recent Moments of Glory


    "People are much more likely to talk with the individuals on their team that they never previously spoke to. I could not have asked for a better game, a better producing staff, and a better reception for the entire company. What the go game brought to the table was as LEGENDARY as Game of Thrones itself!"

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    Go Game and HBO

    Microsoft & Skype


    “Our team had an amazing time - one of the best morale events we ever had!” 

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    Go Game Microsoft


    “The Go Game delivered an ace game with John at the helm. Even the most cynical of the IT department found themselves highly engaged. Can we take over Alcatraz next time?”

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    Lyft Go Game

    Young Presidents Organization

    "An adventurous drive through costal California"

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    Go Game YPO


    “Over 15 years with the company, and this was the best teambuilding event I've experienced. We definitely bonded and got to know one another.”

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    SAP Software Solutions

    “A playful and engaging way to learn while we network and we meet new people”

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    Transportation Policy Game

    “This was an unprecedented policy-driven global adventure with impressive results. We hope to see more global leaders use play as a tool for innovation in the future!”

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    Go Game World Bank


    “It was so great to see people finding things out about each other throughout the course of the gaparticipants. The only fault that people were considering in the whole process was that they all wish it were longer, because they were having so much fun!”

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    “This was honestly the best work team builder I have ever attended. Hats off to GO GAME!”

    Cass Blunt
    Freelance Brand Strategist

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      Remote Team Building for Virtual Teams

      Check out these interesting statistics from a GoRemotely.com report that show the ever increasing prevalence of remote workers.

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      Play it Forward! Charity Games

      These games are a great way to support a local charity while supporting your team’s growth. Teams get all the benefits of bonding through play with the bonus of earning money or supplies for donation.

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