Telogical Celebrates Employee Appreciation Day with Virtual Amazing Race


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 Employee Appreciation


At Telogical, they absolutely love their employees and feel they have one of the best teams! For that reason, they aim to show their appreciation for their employees everyday, but especially on Employee Appreciation Day. As a virtual company, they thought a fun way to do that would be to host a virtual event through The Go Game in celebration. So their Event Planning Club picked out the Virtual Amazing Race game. It looked like a lot of fun and they have a few employees who are either from other countries, have connections to other countries, or work from there. They had their CEO say a few special words during the event and tried to pick out countries, like Egypt, where they had an employee working from. They also had prizes for the winning teams and a grand prize for the big winner. That big winner gift was a virtual headset with some around the world games. The idea being that he/she could use it to “travel” virtually, and it was still on theme!

In connection with the Virtual Amazing Race/around the world theme, they also put together a Sugarwish box of goodies with a unique note to their team and a card. The card was designed to be travel themed, and even had our Telogical logo on the airplane tickets! Everyone got to pick out what they wanted to come in their box (cookies, popcorn, dog treats, etc) and they had those shipped to everyone. They also designed an employee appreciation day t-shirt, and had those shipped to everyone to arrive just before the event so the whole team could wear them! They said "Telogical loves its team" and on the back it had their collaborative quotient core value.

"It was a truly special and fun Employee Appreciation Day! The whole team had a really great time in the virtual event and got to engage and hang out with their peers. The Go Game always does such an amazing job at creating engaging and memorable experiences. The hosts are also friendly, genuine, creative, and helpful. We also love the ability to be able to choose from a variety of events for each occasion, and have the opportunity to customize them with pre-recorded videos, etc. In fact, we feel so strongly that The Go Game hosts the best virtual events that we even signed up for the annual subscription!" -Hilary Harrison

“The team LOVED the game this morning so much that people are already asking for more. Thank you for all your help!”

“This game brings people/teams together so quickly - and by the end, everyone is high fiving, laughing, and best of friends! Everyone had nothing but great things to say about this experience - thank you for everything!”

“This is the best way to spend a couple of hours with your coworkers. You'll see a side of them you didn't know was there.”