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format-icon hybrid, in-person, virtual
duration-icon 45 min - 2 hours
credit-icon As low as $500 per event

Original Game Show

The Original Game Show is our most popular indoor event, and through our virtual event platform, Weve, we offer a virtual game show (and a range of hybrid options blending the two). For all Game Show ideas and experiences, the primary ingredient is our charismatic hilarious game show Host who will bring your group loads of belly laughs.

  • Play with teams in multiple cities (even Location vs. Location)
  • Engage remote team members
  • Find the right host option for your budget
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Laugh and Let Loose.

The Original Game Show is a 45 min-2 hour experience that blends equal parts "Family Feud," "Minute to Win It," "Not So Newly Wed," and a traditional trivia game. Hosted by one of our dashing and hilarious Game Producers, we will work with you to select the perfect blend of activities so your teams stay deeply engaged until the final scores are announced.

Our Virtual Platform Brings it All Together.

Built by play professionals who have taken fun seriously for over 20 years, the Weve platform allows us to offer hybrid, virtual, and multi-city experiences like no other, and host options for every budget and team.

Customize It.

We are happy to work with you to come up with unique company or industry-focused questions for game content. These can be work-oriented (e.g. sales goals, new software quizzes, etc.) or more light-hearted (e.g. name someone on your team you'd likely see at a monster truck event). Additionally, general-knowledge trivia questions can round out the game to give it a more global flavor.

Host & Finale Options

On-Screen Host

On-Screen Host

Bring your teams together to celebrate while our on-screen host leads you through the experience.

On-Site Host

On-Site Host

Let our engaging and charismatic hosts jump off the page to meet you in person and guide you through the experience. Your host will provide hands-on support from pre-planning to kickoff to completion.


“Always an amazing time with Go Game! We've worked with you numerous times and it's never the same thing.”

Project Management Advisors

“This game brings people/teams together so quickly - and by the end, everyone is high fiving, laughing, and best of friends! Everyone had nothing but great things to say about this experience - thank you for everything!”


“The Game Show bought our staff closer together. It's hard getting back after the pandemic. The laughter was phenomenal. Everyone is still talking about the good time they had this morning. The atmosphere is light and airy this morning. We will be back again.”

Postal Regulatory Commission


Expedia wanted to bring their teams together and have some fun, so they planned a Classic Adventure game on the Las Vegas Strip. Our hosts Penny and Seth flew in to guide them through the day, keep everyone engaged and connected, and have a blast. 

"The Go Game puts together an outstanding, well run team building program. From a planner perspective, there is so little to worry about and coordinate, and it's all done at a competitive and fair price. This is my 4th Go Game experience and every time it's different from the last but an equally great time!"

"Penny & Seth did a great job. Our team was in a low point of the day (lots of learning & development workshop before) and they definitely turned the energy around and led us into a fun evening! Thank you!"

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