Introducing Go Remote Expo: Our Virtual Event Platform for 1,000s


The Go Game, the leader in hosting dynamic events, corporate team building, remote conferences and more, has launched a new virtual offering: Go Remote Expo. This new product is changing the virtual events and conference industry at large, as corporate event planners look to engage their online audiences in dynamic, participatory ways. 

The old notion of how we're able to connect and join an event, festival, or conference is gone with Shelter-In-Place orders and our post COVID-19 world. While virtual options currently exist, driving connection through breakout rooms and live streams can feel underwhelming and non-participatory. Add to this, our ongoing collective zoom fatigue and, event planners are often at a loss at how to keep attendees engaged.

Decades of event and experience design, coupled with best-in-class technology is why companies like Spotify, Google, LinkedIn, GoFundMe, YouTube, Amazon, Uber, Ernst & Young, Salesforce, Dell, and more rely on the Go Game to lead tens of thousands of experiences and virtual events. Go Remote, launched in January is the Go Game's virtual solution which creates dynamic digital environments that delight and excite attendees, much like in-person experiences. With Go Remote Expo (Remote Expo), clients and partners can connect up to 1,000 virtual attendees with professional live hosts, keynote stream capabilities, customizable content, branding, and games, alongside whisper and social modes for networking and video chats.

Most importantly, Remote Expo keeps participants engaged.
  • 91% of Remote Expo attendees said they felt more connected and more engaged with one another and event content after participating.
  • 96% would recommend it as the best platform for remote engagement in the world.

Remote Expo is vibrant and user-friendly and it’s not a radical departure from the core of the company and previous products. Cofounders, Finn Kelly and Ian Fraser see the Go Game as a human-centric, eyes-up technology company. Even if from behind a screen, their products encourage authentic connection, spontaneous interaction, and heaps of creativity and fun. 

“Nowadays, companies are looking for ways to drive a more connected culture, virtually. Our team of experts know how to do just that and our platform is thoughtfully designed to encourage inclusive participation (and fun!) with live gameplay,” -Cofounder, Fraser. 

The user interface is friendly and easy to navigate, with a seamless onboarding process. Attendees can test their video and audio levels, choose their webcam and take a photo for their profile before entering the virtual lounge where they can explore the games on offer and choose any that have not started. 

The web-based platform can run on any up-to-date browser and is available for conferences of up to 1,000. Reports of participation, scoring, and attendance is delivered in real-time.   

“Our clients wanted a solution for virtual events and conferences that used the best of our team-building platform and products, but at scale. (Go) Remote Expo creates interactive experiences and magic for up to 1,000 and we’re just getting started. I believe this will fundamentally change what’s possible in the virtual event and conference space.” -Cofounder and CTO, Kelly 

To learn more and request a quote, click here. You can also join our live Demos every Tuesday at 11am PST.