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The Ultimate Game for Virtual Team Building

Short n Sweet
Play Anywhere
Up to 500+ players

With more and more companies focused on remote work and distributed teams, Weve has built a virtual team building solution with the future of work in mind. We’ve combined our unique brand of fun within an innovative video conferencing interface and an engaging host to bring your remote team into the fold.

I learned a lot about my teammates and had a great time!

Jennifer, Oracle

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How it works

Cultivate Culture for Virtual Teams

Now more than ever, it is crucial to engage distributed employees with virtual team-building opportunities. With Weve’s affordability and seamless launch times, you can set a better culture for your workplace from anywhere in the world and keep employees connected with a scalable, repeatable solution.

Keep Engaged Employees
With everyone online and visible, tuning out on other browsers isn’t an option. Plus, our interactive platform encourages participation. You’ll want to keep your cameras on for this!

Larger Audience
Typically, on a team-building outing, a moment will be shared among 4-5 people on a team. With Weve’s team-building platform, everyone bears witness to the dynamic performance of the VP of Product’s lip-synch or the Customer Success Manager’s deep knowledge of Captain Marvel, leaving lasting memories of connection on everyone’s mind.

The Game Itself

Games takes only 45-60 minutes and players will be guided through a variety of game types to keep the energy moving and provides an opportunity for everyone to shine.

Game types include:

  • Buzz In Pub Trivia
  • Giphy Challenge
  • Pictionary Drawing
  • Head-to-Head Social Games
  • Lipdub
  • Fun Fact Match
  • Categories
  • Live Polling and Voting
  • Virtual Team Building

During the game our Go Game host DJ’s music, points out highlights and provides topical commentary. The results are side-splitting and engaging as players can vote on everyone’s submissions to determine the final outcome.

“First, let me say Seth was an absolute awesome MC and was able to handle the big personalities on the team (including myself). Secondly, we have tried some other team building activities and they are nowhere near as well developed as this game.”

“A big thumbs-up to everyone at Go Game. Enjoyable, very well done, very professional, and high quality. Much appreciated and thanks again!”

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How It Works

The game is played on any modern browser, so you don’t need to download any additional software. Players are divided up into 3 teams at the outset and each challenge is timed to keep a good pace.  All you need is a solid WiFi connection, webcam and headphones to start to play!


Virtual team building starts at $299 a game