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Wichita is a great place to experience our renowned technology-driven team building games.

For groups of 5 to 10,000 players, we can customize a scavenger hunt or alternative team building activity just for your group. Old Town Wichita is a fantastic game zone. Whether your team is sneaking into an old-fashioned humidor or hanging on as a trolley zips them around our flattest game zone in the USA, your group will have an unbeatable experience! Littered with amazing bars, saloons and history, Old Town Wichita is an incredible environment for team building, so bring the Go Game to town and bring the city to life like you've never seen before!

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“The facililtator has an awesome personality and humor for the job. Also a perfect selection of music for the judging that had us laughing hysterically. Thank you!”

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New Feature Release: Tournament Mode!

“It’s like March Madness goes global but with virtual gaming and hilarity at the forefront!” -Viktor C., Tournament Champion 

Introducing our new Tournament Mode (Tourney) where hundreds plus can play in an action-packed bracket format. Tourney...