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Team Building in Los Angeles

Be the latest blockbuster

    Wildly creative team building scavenger hunts customized for any occasion or group size in Los Angeles!

    For groups of 5 to 10,000 players, we can customize a smartphone team building activity just for your group.

    The Go Game has a number of game zones in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. With perfect weather, plenty of kooky neighborhoods, and the best pool of acting talent anywhere, Los Angeles is the perfect place for a Go Game! Check out some of our hottest game zones below!

    Go Game Los Angeles

    Game Zones

    Game Zone


    Remember the lead in your high school play who was voted "Most Likely to Be a Big Star?"Or the prettiest waitress at the coffee shop who just up and left a note on her order pad saying, "Gone to L.A.?" They and hundreds more like them are now found where Hollywood meets Highland. It's like all the stars and star-wannabes came exploding out of your television and are swarming around the star-lined streets, looking at each other look at each other. Historic hotels, eye-grabbing museums, and all manner of show-biz themed bric-a-brac form the backdrop for your game. The tourists here don't have a clue, but you will -- and who knows, maybe that twenty second video you snap will be the next boffo blockbuster!
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    Game Zone


    The town is old, the roses are red, the agents are primed, and the game is afoot! Pasadena glares at L.A. from the other side of the mountain, but you'll be showing this stately town what fun and games are really all about. Museums, shopping galleries, rose gardens, and the occasional Matt Leinart sighting add up for an unforgettable team-building experience. Leave L.A. to the masses - it's leaner, it's keener, it's Pasadener!

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    Game Zone

    Santa Monica

    Team Building Santa Monica: Is that Ryan Seacrest? Is that Haylie Duff? Is that what's-her-name from the Real World, waiting tables? Yes, yes, and yes! You're at Santa Monica's world famous Third Street Promenade, where Los Angeles' shiniest faces come to blow their parents' dough at swanky boutiques while a colorful gaggle of hippies kick hacky sacks at them. The mall never had such fresh, salty sea air-and that's because it's the one place Los Angelinos will venture outdoors. Clues are hidden in every shop window, under every hobo's shopping bag, and even at the bottom of a fountain shaped like a spitting dinosaur. Your Go Game will be classy and ridiculous; just don't forget to tip that chick from the Real World.

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    Game Zone

    Venice Beach

    Venice Beach is possibly the greatest street scene in the country. It's like somebody packed up the 1970's, took it out for a day at the seashore, and then left it to bake in the sun. Bikini-clad men with boa constrictors writhing about their biceps, street fights thinly disguised as pickup basketball games, and blissed-out religious maniacs who will write your name on a grain of rice are among the characters you might find as you scan the sand for treasures. Clues are hidden amongst the graffiti and workout equipment. Our agents whiz by on skateboards and sun themselves on the sand. Will you have to hang ten to get the clue from our agent on the surfboard? Find out for yourself! Every photo snapped in this place is an instant classic, but nobody will believe they're authentic.
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    Game Zone


    Play in the heart of the most populated city in the West! Here you can see celebrities, models, and even more wannabes! Watch as your team members transform themselves into celebrities of their own as they tackle our missions and challenges!
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    Game Zone

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    “What an amazing experience - probably in the top 10 of my life! Such fun, great memories and bonding with folks on the team I don't get to spend much time with.”

    Dawn Engle
    Marketing at Lexis Nexis

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