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Team Building Burlington

The kind of fun you can have in Birkenstocks

Burlington Go Game!

Burlington is more than radical ideas and pints of delicious ice cream. It's also one of our favorite places to play team building games. Mix things up for your next team activity and bring your coworkers out for a hilarious Go Game adventure. Whether you're booking a team happy hour or celebrating a big company win, we have plenty of options everyone will love.

    Our Favorite Games In Burlington:

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    Go Game Classic Line

    Scavenger Hunt + Mission: Impossible + Creative Brilliance

    Check it out


    Game Show Line

    Engage your crowd with a high-stakes hosted game show mash-up

    Check it out


    Spy Game Line

    Go undercover and save your company from the bad guys!

    Check it out

    The Go Game is the best way to get your team out of the dreaded cubicles and into a fully interactive experience to showcase everyone's strengths and sense of humor.

    Courtney Bombard, Schluter Systems LP

    Church Street

    This outdoor marketplace is a Go Game delight. Bring your team out to explore the town in a whole new way. Breathe in that fresh Vermont air and take on an urban scavenger hunt. Zip through hippies, hipsters, yuppies and students...all in one block! Be sure to reward yourself with a pint (or two) of some Ben & Jerry's. 


    Vermont Pub & Brewery
    American Flatbread

    There are plenty of great places to end your team building event on Church Street. Pick your favorite and we'll make it happen. 

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    Play it Forward! Charity Games

    These games are a great way to support a local charity while supporting your team’s growth. Teams get all the benefits of bonding through play with the bonus of earning money or supplies for donation.

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    Season of Interns

    Does your office hire summer interns?  Then you’re probably already thinking about how to onboard them, bond with them, and make them feel welcome in your workspace. Feeling appreciated and part of a team greatly improves an intern’s experience, and is especially important if you hope to hire any interns after the summer.

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    Ice, Ice(breakers), Baby

    Does your team need to let loose? Are you looking to help your colleagues bond or boost morale? Let us warm them up and break the ice. We’re experts in networking that actually works. Our Game Producers can kick off any of our games with some smaller icebreakers that won’t make your team roll their eyes.

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