Some of Our Favorite Team Building Activity Locations in Tampa

“I would recommend The Go Game to anyone and everyone. The experience was better then I could have anticipated and I can't wait to do this with another group!”

Chanel Vanzant
University of Tampa

Sun Dial St. Pete

This premier shopping destination is a premier team building destination too! It has everything we need to make sure your coworkers have a team building experience they actually enjoy. Get creative while you weave between shoppers completing hilarious challenges. Shopping bag relay races? Flash dance mobs? Anything's possible in St. Pete's!


St. Pete's is filled with plenty of great places to host your team building event. Pick any of them and we'll make it work!

Ybor City - Tampa

Smokin' hot team building in Ybor City! This cigar production facility turned neighborhood is one part historic district, one part exceptional shopping district, and one part late night party owl. Brush up on some history trivia or give us your best salsa moves. This team building game zone has something for everyone!


Have another place in mind? We can host your team building event pretty much anywhere! 

Downtown Tampa

Centered around Gaslight Square Park, this team building game zone is one of our favorites. Take your team out to explore the mix of rich history, trendy restaurants, and ideal people watching. Whether you race through the streets during an urban scavenger hunt or take over a restaurant for a game show, Downtown Tampa is the perfect place to play.


Downtown has so many delicious eateries. Let's wrap up your team building activity at one of your go-to's.


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