Some of Our Favorite Team Building Activity Locations in Santa Cruz

“I've never received so much positive feedback on a teambuilding exercise. Everyone loved the activity!”

Cani James
Silicon Valley Bank


The Santa Cruz Boardwalk is hands down the ultimate summertime team building game zone! How could you not have fun playing in an amusement park on the beach?! Whether you do a few oceanside relay races or some bumper cars in the park, your team will be laughing in no time. Just don't forget to grab a corn dog before you head out.


Have another beachside place in mind? Great! We can wrap up your team building event just about anywhere on the Boardwalk.


Head down to Santa Cruz for a day of life in the slow lane. Stop and smell the planted roses while you weave between shoppers, surfers, professors and more in downtown Santa Cruz. Hang loose and play one of our many team building games that are perfect for this game zone.


Have another place in mind? We can host your team building activity there too!

“Your team was great to work with. Highly recommended.

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