Some of Our Favorite Team Building Activity Locations in Sacramento

“I participated in the Go Games 9 years ago (or so...) and had an absolute blast. And I can tell you that it was the same as I remembered. You haven't lost a beat. Kelly, our game runner was fantastic!”

Vincent Lee
E&J Gallo

Old Town

Frozen in time, this team building game zones is one of our favorites. Transport back to the days of the Gold Rush while you run along the Sacramento River using smartphones to lead the way. (Covered wagons are out of our production budget) Capture some hilarious historical impressions or test your memory with some trivia. Finish up at one of the saloons and celebrate living in the 21st century.


We can host your team building event at any of the team building spots in Old Town. Pick your favorite and let us take care of the rest.


There's a lot of buzz about Sac and we totally get why. With trendy bars and restaurants popping up every day, there's so much to do with your team. Explore the city's rich history while you laugh, play, and build. Take over a bar for your own game show. Run through the streets during an urban scavenger hunt. Turn your office into the setting for your award-winning music video. Whatever you pick is a guaranteed awesome (and hilarious) time!


Have another place in mind? We can host your team building activity just about anywhere. 

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