Some of Our Favorite Team Building Activity Locations in Redmond

“Yes, you are thinking, all 10's really? I truly feel this way - I had limited access to the Go Games due to the short turnaround of our event. I put my faith in your team to deliver and they did.”

Michelle Leue

Town Center

With over 100 stores to interact with, Town Center is the perfect location for a team building event. Take your team out for some downtown fun and set out on an urban scavenger hunt. Looking for something indoor? Take over one of the countless restaurants for a hilarious game show or brain-busting puzzle game. Whatever you pick, your coworkers are sure to love it. We promise.


Have another place in mind? We can host your team building event just about anywhere. You pick the spot, we'll take care of the rest.

Microsoft Campus

Take a break from meetings and conference calls and see the world just outside your office. Test your Microsoft knowledge with our tough trivia and learn some random facts you could have never guessed. What's Bill Gate's favorite sock pattern? When was the first computer created? We'll tell you the answers to that and more when you play one of our top-notch team building events at work.

Please note: This game zone is only available for Microsoft employees. 

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