Some of Our Favorite Team Building Activity Locations in Palo Alto

“Thank you so much for bringing the best energy out of our employees and making everyone enjoy their time. Loved it!”

Geilia Asnake

University Ave

Small town charm meets the future. That's University Avenue. Little mom and pop shops and restaurants co-mingle with robots and people whizzing around with jetpacks. Ok, so no jetpacks, but it's a truly fascinating and dynamic place. Several great ending venues make this game zone one of our all-time favorites for all sorts of team building activities.


We can end your team building game just about anywhere. Back at work? At your hotel conference room? We're in!

Stanford Campus

This is a team building game zone just for Stanford students, administrators and groups associated with the university. But should you be in one of these categories, Stanford campus is a glorious place to run around and get your game on. We host games there every year, and they are memorable affairs to say the least.

“Our team can be a tough crowd to please, and we didn't have time for an all-day activity. Go Game was perfect late afternoon fun leading into drinks and dinner.

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