Some of Our Favorite Team Building Activity Locations in Mountain View

“The go game was an incredible experience for our team.We've been working hard this year and we needed this exact event to unwind, problem solve in a fun way, and grow our relationships.”

Cathy Miller

Castro Street

Just down the street from Google's headquarters, you'll need your best spying skills if you want to find the magical tidbits we've hidden in every nook and cranny of Castro Street. Are you feeling lucky? Among the bookstores and the Chinese restaurants of this modern-day Mayberry there are plenty of fun shops and bars in which to concoct new kinds of tomfoolery.


We can wrap your team building event just about anywhere. Back at your office conference room? At your founder's Man Cave? We're in!

Google Campus

This team building game zone is only available to Google employees. Some of our most memorable games have been run right at the Googleplex. Let's be honest, this work campus is about as fun as they come. Add in The Go Game and it's an epic few hours of team building!

Computer History Museum

Explore this tribute to ye old computing tucked away in the tech mecca that is Mountain View. The Go Game crafts your team building adventure among original Pong machines and Jeopardy champion supercomputers. A perfect fit for a tech savvy team. Please note: There may be admission fees charged by Computer History Museum.

“This was a great team bonding event! Thank you Go Game.

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