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Hormel Chili worked with ITA Group event planners to put together a Retail Managers Meeting in Arizona called Food Forward. They brought us in to bring a bit of fun to the experience and to mix and mingle with coworkers they didn't know.

We put together a Classic Adventure Game focused around the meeting location in Phoenix, and everyone had a blast!

"Seth and Robin were truly incredible to work with! They answered all of our questions, and helped walk us through the flow of what the scavenger hunt would look like for our group. Their energy was unmatched, and they made this such a fun experience for everyone! I can't recommend them and The Go Game enough - a must for any group looking for a fun and unique team building experience!" -Meredith Johnson


“The team LOVED the game this morning so much that people are already asking for more. Thank you for all your help!”

“This game brings people/teams together so quickly - and by the end, everyone is high fiving, laughing, and best of friends! Everyone had nothing but great things to say about this experience - thank you for everything!”

“This is the best way to spend a couple of hours with your coworkers. You'll see a side of them you didn't know was there.”