New Feature Release: Tournament Mode!


“It’s like March Madness goes global but with virtual gaming and hilarity at the forefront!” -Viktor C., Tournament Champion 

Introducing our new Tournament Mode (Tourney) where hundreds plus can play in an action-packed bracket format. Tourney eventually culminates into one penultimate and hilarious game for all the marbles...and teams around the world are signing up to play.

Each round features an entertaining live Game Host, customizable game content, and best-in-class video conferencing features that the Go Game is known for. The recommended group size ranges from 100-2,000 and can seamlessly flex up and down in accord to team and company size.

Notable Features:

  1. Your team will stay together as long as you're in the Tourney. No need to log back in or switch teams. Winning teams will be entered into the “Final of Finals” round by our Go Game algorithm.
  2. If you get knocked out, don't worry! You're still a winner in our eyes! Go compete in our “social” game rounds like Karaoke and Sports Trivia. ;)
  3. All games are streamed live, so if you lose, you can watch, champion (or goad!) others.
  4. Rounds can happen on the same day, or spread out over the course of a week. Get to planning those multi-week competitions already!
  5. You can easily add in keynotes, employee celebrations, and other content that you'd like all attendees to see. Cool, right?!

After running over a thousand games in August alone, we know that competition fuels collaboration, communication and connectivity. So, if you're looking for a seamless way to bring fun and engagement to your remote workforce and bring competition front and center-try out the Tourney Mode! We know you all will love it.

Want to learn more? Chat with our team to sign up for Tournament Mode today. You can also join our live Demos every Tuesday at 11am PST.