The Go Game Has a New Platform: Weve


It’s been a busy few months here and we’ve got big news to share. Go Remote has been rebranded as Weve. (That’s right, W-e-v-e with no apostrophe. It’s a play on two words—weave (as in weaving teams together) and the contraction of we have (as in we’ve got your back). The Go Game remains our name for in-person events. And don’t worry, you’ll still see our game producers running around in orange jumpsuits at scavenger hunts and game shows around the world.


Since 2001, The Go Game has brought fun to work through in-person interactive games, events, and experiences that make employees feel connected and engaged. We were already in the process of creating a product for virtual teams in winter of 2019 when our CEOs, Ian and Finn, recognized a need for remote connection with more companies allowing for remote work than ever before. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we hit the ground running with our beta version of Go Remote. 

Since then, we’ve hosted over 5,000 events for more than 4,000 companies. Our team has worked for the past 18 months to constantly make improvements and add new features to the platform. Now, we’re ready to share what “Weve” been up to.

Our new name isn’t our only big new change. The Weve platform is full of new features that allow you to pivot between work and fun in real time without any other video conferencing tools. The new platform has the same games Go Remote users love with even more ways to meet and play. Weve creates dynamic digital environments that enable real engagement that goes beyond the market standard video conferencing tool. 

We’re excited to use our expertise in team building and games to help virtual teams of all sizes,  from small teams to large corporations, connect. Weve enables team members to connect remotely to engage in games, live stream events, meetings, and more.

We believe the way you gather impacts your company culture. Here are some of our favorite ways to Weve:

Your company likely has a diverse group of people which is great. That doesn’t mean it has to be hard to find something everyone will enjoy. Here is what makes a great team building activity.

  • Fun
    Our virtual meeting platform comes with the stability you need and the ability to create the kind of meetings your employees are going to want to join. Ensure that important tasks are accomplished while keeping employees involved and interested. From a quick check in for a small department to an all-hands meeting, we’ve got you covered.
  • Happy Hours
    Weve allows you to host a more dynamic happy hour than other platforms. Mingle in the lobby, play virtual happy hour games, live stream a wine tasting with a sommelier, or simply move between experience rooms to meet new people.
  • Networking
    Quickly turn small talk into real talk. Weve offers a variety of ways for people to gather and start bonding within minutes. It’s easy for distributed groups to network virtually from anywhere, at any time, for any occasion.
  • Ice Breakers
    Create connections efficiently and effectively and break the ice so you can build lasting bonds. Use play to warm up your team and help employees learn more about each other before getting down to business.
  • Corporate Events
    Whether your team is large, small, or quickly growing from small to large, our platform can help you create big moments and intimate experiences. Whatever you’re planning and whatever you’re planning to share at your next event, we’ll help you increase engagement, retention, and fun while you do it.
  • Employee Award Ceremonies
    The shift to virtual workplaces can create obstacles around employee gatherings, recognition, and celebration. Celebrate team accomplishments and honor employees across the city, state, country, or globe.
  • Orientations, Trainings, and Onboardings
    Get new employees on the same page to create stronger teams from the start. Create a smoother onboarding and training experience that incorporates fun and expedites connection.
  • Holiday Parties
    Plan a virtual holiday party for teams who can’t gather in person to keep morale high, show appreciation for a year of hard work, and provide an opportunity for connection outside of the virtual office. Strong company culture is a holiday gift that keeps on giving.
  • Sales Kickoff Meetings
    Gamify your virtual sales kickoff to increase learning retention, drive participation, energize employees, and build relationships. Use Weve to create an epic event by incorporating competitive games into your kickoff in the spirit of fun, learning, and connection.
  • Team Building
    Globally dispersed teams can bond using Weve’s collaborative opportunities for remote teams to play together. Our virtual team building events create the type of bonds that would take years to build in a virtual workplace.

Weve is transforming remote work-life and virtual engagement by offering a suite of games, shared experiences, video components, and more, all in one dynamic platform.


Here are the top Weve features you need to know: 

  • branding11 Unique Activity Types
    Get playing with 11 unique Activity Types including trivia, art draw, and lip sync challenge. Each Weve experience consists of a collection of activity types. These mini-games are easy to play and easy to self-host.

  • interns-orderofoperations-1Our Content is Updated Monthly
    Our Content is updated monthly by a team of 8 writers, trivia nerds, and game geeks. It’s fun, relevant, and designed to bring your team closer together. Our content is created to appeal to everyone—introverts and extroverts, left and right-brained players, and laid back game lovers as well as those fueled by competition.

  • tab-leftHost Options
    Weve’s different Host Options make it easy to facilitate your own experience or leave it to a professional host. Decide what’s best for you: our Pro Hosted, Virtually Hosted, or Self-Hosted rooms. 
  • Lobby
    We’ve created a Lobby that encourages interaction and fun from the moment up to 10,000 attendees join. From photo booths to video chats to watch parties of live streamed presentations, it’s designed for max engagement so you can play around instead of waiting around.
  • event managerEvent Manager Dashboard
    The completely overhauled Event Manager Dashboard makes it easier than ever to manage everything related to your events. Stay organized and make changes easily so you can plan one-time or recurring virtual team building experiences. 
  • Feature Your Own Branding
    Feature your own Branding such as company logos and colors on Weve. Add custom trivia to test your team’s knowledge about company history and make your event as unique as your team.
  • lobby3-2One-off Events
    One-off events are a great way to have fun and bond with your team, but scheduling recurring Weve team building experiences is the key to creating and maintaining a strong company culture. Make playing together a team ritual with a Weve+ subscription plan that gives you the flexibility to plan both large and small events while saving you money. 

Missed our Weve launch event? We missed you, too. Learn more about ways to Weve in our keynote video and reach out with any questions or to book your next experience.