Giving Back Charity CSR Events To Help Disaster Victims


In October 2017, our San Francisco office filled with the smell of smoke as cities just north of us burned in the worst fire in recent California history. We’ve followed stories of our friends and neighbors in Houston, Puerto Rico and more cities affected by some of the worst storms in US history. Many people around the country need help, and we need a spirit of togetherness more than ever. 

Our staff at The Go Game has been talking about how we can help, and we have some ideas that we want to invite you to participate in with tips on how to engage your employees in Giving Back/CSR/Charity programs.

How You Can Participate

The Go Game will donate a portion of our October sales to people displaced by the fires. So just by booking an event with us, you will be helping disaster victims. In addition, here are several charity event ideas that we can set up for you to help disaster victims:

Games that can benefit a Disaster Region

1) Collect donatable items for victims in our Giving Back with Backpacks Game

During this event, your participants will fill backpacks with supplies for any disaster region, with items such as bed time supplies for kids or toiletries for a shelter, while enjoying the playful spirit of our bestselling Classic Game. We’ll help you research what items will be most helpful for the regions you want to benefit and get them to people who need them most.

2) Play our Benefit Game Show Our Game Show is humor with heart

We will theme our Game Show around any region or demographic you want to benefit, and points translate to a donation for the organization of your choice. Play dress-up for the cause with our costumes (examples: wear animal costumes for animal shelters, pink for breast cancer, or superhero costumes for any cause because you are being someone’s hero.)

3) Get Prepared with our Disaster Preparedness Game Practice

CPR to the beat of Stayin Alive and learn other important safety protocols for how to handle disasters at home and at work in a fun, competitive game. This event can also be set up to educate participants about recent and historic disasters and benefit victims of a disaster region by translating points to dollars.

4) Drum-a-thon for a Cause

When the going gets tough, the tough start drumming! We’ll bring the drums and the band leader, and your team can drum it out while learning about the cause or disaster region of your choice.

Other CSR Charity Games

5) Build Bikes and Bring Smiles for Kids

This fun event culminates in a feel-good donation for kids in your neighborhood. Each team builds and decorates a boy and a girl bike. Test the bikes and your agility in our obstacle course!


6) Be Referees in our Color Wars for Kids

Who will be victorious? The Red, Green, Blue or Yellow Team!? We’ll set up an event where your participants are the "referees" and the teams playing are children that you want to delight. We can suggest a non-profit partner if you don’t have one.

7) Plant a Fruit Tree Orchard

Get out your shovels and roll up your sleeves! A fruit tree orchard provides shade, nutritious fruit, and an outdoor classroom for generations to come. We’ll teach your team how to plant a fruit tree orchard at a community or school site. (California groups only)

Tips for Increasing Employee Participation in Charity/CSR Programs

1) Match Employee Donations

Your employees are more likely to give if they know they can make an even bigger impact with a matched donation from your company. Put employees into fundraising teams and make it a game! The team that raises the most funds for their cause can have their donation matched 3-fold by the company, while all other groups get a 2x match, up to a comfortable cap for your budget. Find out what causes employees value and choose the right recipient that aligns with your brand values by vetting NGOs with

2) Reward Teams’ Positive Performance with Giving Back Days

61% of millennials prefer to work somewhere that offers volunteer days. Show your employees that your organization shares their values by finding out what kinds of giving back opportunities they are interested in and setting up events for them to give back.

3) Set up a Long-Term NGO Partnership

One-off volunteer days are great, and you can make an even bigger difference for your community when your organization has a multi-year relationship with a non-profit partner. Not only does this provide a stronger impact for the recipient organization, but it is less work for you to organize efforts from event to event. Be sure to only promise support you can deliver on, whether your company has a great year or a terrible one.

4) Track Your Impact

Nothing creates momentum like the feeling of racing towards a goal -- together. Go artistic and analog with a drawing of a thermometer on prominent wall of your office to show funds raised. Go digital with fundraising tracking tools like GivingTrax. Publish these philanthropic efforts in an annual sustainability report to build your brand among employees and the public.

5) Recognize Contributors

Encourage friendly competition by recognizing outstanding efforts on giving back campaigns or other corporate sustainability programs that support making the world a better place. Give awards employees will be excited to receive. These can be as simple as a wall plaque or an extra day off work.

6) Set up a Lunch and Learn or Happy Hour

Employees are more likely to show up to learn about a cause if you feed them! Set up a lunch & learn or a happy hour and invite a speaker from a local organization to educate your team about how you can make a difference in your community. Don’t have a speaker connection locally? Post on your social media pages asking friends to introduce you to someone in their network.