30 Exciting Games to Keep Company Culture Alive


Successful workplaces are more than just a place people clock in and out. It’s important to have a strong company culture to attract better talent and retain talent at your company. It takes effort to create a solid company culture and a workplace where people want to spend time. Whether your team is new or seasoned, you have to consider, how do you bond a team together? 

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There are many team building activities that help to bond a team, but if you’re wondering how do you create a fun company culture, we think the answer is play.We believe that a company that plays together stays together. Through play you can learn about your colleagues in a new way and in a safe space. Playing gives teammates a chance to shine that is outside of their job description or usual tasks. (Wait until you find out that the newest intern knows everything about Lord of the Rings.) Get out of work mode and use play to incorporate fun into the workplace to energize and engage your team. 


Now that you’re on board to play, you may be wondering, what are some fun work activities? 


The Go Game has hundreds of games to build your company culture that prioritize fun and inclusivity. Each game type is designed for certain personality types and paired with others to ensure that both introverts and extroverts thrive. These games appeal both trivia buffs and artists and both casual competitors and not-so-casual competitive players, too.

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What are good team bonding games?  We’ve got you covered. Here are 30 exciting games to keep company culture alive.


Get-To-Know-You Games

These games are designed to help teams learn more about each other without any awkward ice breakers. 

  1. Guess Who

    This game helps you to learn more about your coworkers. Each player answers a question about themself, such as “What would be the title of your autobiography” or “What is your favorite travel destination?” The other teams try to guess who submitted which answer to earn the most points. This game works well for teams who know each other well, and can also be played as a fact recall for new teams. In that version, players reveal what they answered and then later in the game teams are challenged to recall the answers.

  2. Award Show

    Awards shouldn’t just be for athletes and actors. Help your teammates shine in this game. A variety of categories are presented, from silly (“Most Caffeinated”) to more serious (“Most Likely to Help Out a Fellow Colleague”). Everyone gets to vote for who they think deserves the award. When the winner is announced, awards music plays while they hold a superimposed trophy and have a chance to make a speech. (Don’t worry, just like real awards shows, our speeches have time limits and music to play someone off if necessary.) 

  3. Two Truths and a Lie

    How well do you know your co-workers? One player per team is selected to fill out two truths and a lie about themselves. Then they take turns reading the three “facts” and trying to trick the other teams who are guessing which is the lie. Can you guess if Joe from HR is lying about going bungee jumping in three countries, owning two horses, or being on a reality show? Work with your team to figure it out. 

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    Trivia Games

    Let your teammates show off their knowledge with these trivia games. 

  4. Classic Pub Trivia

    This is the kind of trivia you would find at an after work happy hour. Expect questions about history, art, current events, pop culture, and more with multiple choice and short answers. This is perfect for anyone with niche knowledge as well as the guy on your sales team who knows everything that’s going on in the news. 

  5. Where in the World

    Take a trip around the world without ever leaving your desk chair. These rounds of trivia include images and pictures from across the globe. To earn the most points, your team needs to identify the location first. Name a country by its famous monument or beachfront. Identify which country calls dumplings gyoza and which is home to a samosa. This game is perfect for international audiences and globe trotters, or anyone who wants to learn more about cultural icons and celebrations around the world.

  6. Airport Codes

    See an airport code, name the airport. Seems simple, right? In this speed round your team will match the three-letter airport code to the name of the airport. But they’re not all as simple as LAX and ATL. Hopefully you have some frequent flyers on your team...or at least some airport aficionados. 


    MUSICAL Games

    You can be tone deaf and still be the star of our musical rounds as you laugh along with your teammates.

  7. Name That Tune

    Can you identify a song in just a few bars? More importantly, can you do it faster than the other teams? Race to Name That Tune. From old favorites to new hits, every music fan on your team will have a chance to shine. 

  8. Finish the Lyrics

    Show off your music memorization skills in this game. During Finish the Lyrics, your host will play a short song clip. Your team will have to recall the next lyrics. Then, see if you can say (or sing) the next lyrics before the other teams buzz in. 

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  9. Lip Sync Challenge

    This is much easier than your average karaoke night—musical skill is not even required! At the start of the Lip Sync Challenge, players get to vote between a group of songs. The song with the highest number of votes wins. Once the music starts, players are cycled through in spotlight mode for solos, duets, and trios. (Don’t worry! The lyrics are there for you!) Points are given for enthusiasm and style! (Hint: The more fun, the more points!)

    ARTISTIC Games

    Come on, make Bob Ross proud. These games require creativity and artistic talent...or at least artistic effort as your team collaborates on a masterpiece.

  10. Art Draw

    Compete in an artistic challenge and work together as you draw.  As a team, draw a response to a prompt such as: Recreate a famous work of art! (We won’t tell Van Gough if you make some creative adjustments to Starry Night.) Your team has four minutes to draw. Then, all teams will see each other’s finished works and rate them with a star system for points. 

  11. Pictionary

    It’s the classic collaborative drawing game: one team draws and the other teams race to guess what they are drawing before time runs out. Your team gets more points the faster you correctly guess what the other team is drawing, and you only get points if at least one team guesses what you’re drawing.

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  12. Photo Booth

    Snap some pictures in our photo booth. Choose from fun seasonal accessories (funny hats, sunglasses, party streamers, and more) and drag them onto your photo. This is a great chance to let loose. Remember though, this is not just for memories and that the best pose will likely get the most points. Teammates vote on the submissions and can even download them for later.  (New office profile picture, anyone?)


    Are you actually keeping up with the Kardashians? Do you know who won the Oscars last year? These games are perfect for bonding over shared interests and coming together to earn points.

  13. Face Mash

    Two heads are better than one, but what about two faces? In this game, players will see two celebrities mashed-up in one image. The first team to buzz-in and correctly name both famous people wins! This is the moment for your celebrity culture-loving teammates to show off their knowledge.

  14. Movie Trivia

    Calling all movie buffs: this is your chance to shine. Can you identify a movie just from one screenshot? Can you recite the next line in a famous movie speech? If so, you’re going to earn some big points for your team in this cinema challenge.

  15. Instant Meme

    Is there someone in your office who always sends the perfect GIF over Slack or has the best Meme responses? Good, because in this round, you have to choose your GIF quickly and carefully! Together, teams search our database of hundreds of thousands of GIFs to find the perfect one that suits the given prompt. Everyone votes to determine which is funniest!

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  16. Match Game

    Each Match Game has a different theme such as matching celebrities to their smiles, matching famous cars with the movie, and more. Teams must drag the tiles around to match the top images with the bottom images for the most points. 

  17. Categories

    This game is also called “Fastest Fingers List-O-Rama” because it’s all about speed. The title of a list is given (such as “Name the most populous cities in the world” or “Name the seven dwarves”) and teams enter as many of the items on the list as quickly as possible before time runs out. Since just one member of the team is able to type, teams have to work together to communicate answers quickly and effectively.


    Put your thinking caps on for these games that will test your team’s brain.

  18. Rebus Puzzles

    A rebus is a picture representation of a name, work, or phrase. Decipher the picture puzzle and buzz in with the answer before the other teams.

  19. Word Search

    Search up, down, forwards, backwards, and diagonal. Look through the block of letters and try to find all the hidden words before the clock runs out.

  20. Image Recall

    Your attention skills will be put to the test in this game. Teams are shown an image and study it for a set amount of time. When the time is up, the image is taken away and they are asked to answer questions about the image. As a team, figure out a strategy to remember as much as the image as possible.

  21. Brain Teasers

    From seemingly complex math problems that just require a change in perspective to wordy riddles, these questions are meant to be tricky. Put your heads together to solve the puzzle.



    games to build company culture


    Put your most extroverted players forward for these games that will put teammates in the spotlight. (But of course they will have the support and resources of their team!)

  22. Scavenger Hunt

    This game will get you out of your seats and get you moving as you race to find an object and bring it back to your computer. Players receive a prompt in riddle form referring to an item commonly found in their homes. Once the team deciphers the clue, one member of the team must go get the item. Hosts award points based on speed and creativity.

  23. Great Debate

    It’s time to have a friendly debate about fun issues such as: what’s the best karaoke song ever? Choose someone from your team to answer and defend what your team thinks is the best answer. The host will facilitate.

  24. Lightning Round

    Don't think—just react! In this game, players are brought into the middle one by one and are tasked with instant reactions to silly questions such as “What’s your egg salad recipe?” There are no right answers, but the oddest reactions get the most points!

  25. Spotlight Questions

    It’s your time to shine. In our spotlight rounds, teams select one person on their team to be in the middle of the screen and answer a prompt such as, “Tell us your best corny joke.” 

  26. The Price is Right

    Based on a favorite TV show, it’s time for you to come on down! Just like on Contestants’ Row, players confer with their team to guess the price of an object. The closest to the actual retail price without going over wins!

  27. Wrong Answers Only

    If being funny is wrong, you don’t want to be right. Players try to come up with the funniest wrong answers to different prompts, including: fake definitions of obscure words, fake band names for silly album covers, and fake acronyms. All players submit answers and vote in a live poll to figure out the best (or silliest) answer!

  28. Charades

    Compete in this classic party game and remember—no talking!  Split up into teams and get creative to act out your assigned word or phrase for your team.

    LONGFORM Games

    Work collaboratively to solve puzzles and riddles that will help your team advance and conquer these longform games.

  29. Escape Room

    In this virtual escape room, you’ll gather your team and set off on an interstellar journey of puzzle solving and mental challenges. Solve puzzles in different rooms of the spaceship to move forward and unlock your next steps. Race the clock to make your way through the different rooms of the spaceship to save the day. The escape room pushes teams to collaborate.

  30. Murder Mystery Game

    Your team must move through the locked train cars to make it to the engine room and keep things from going off the rails in this train-themed murder mystery game. Through puzzles, riddles,and secret codes, your team can thwart the killer’s plans, but only if you work together and collect enough clues before time runs out.

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How do you make a team huddle fun? Add in some play time. Start using these games and more virtual team building activities to engage your team, boost morale, and strengthen your company culture.

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