Unleashing Joy and Appreciation: A Day to Remember with The Go Game's Employee Appreciation Event


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It's not every day that a workplace transforms into a hub of creativity, laughter, and sheer enjoyment. But that's precisely what happens when The Go Game hosts its renowned Employee Appreciation Event. This special day is designed to break the monotony of the daily grind and inject a healthy dose of fun, recognition, and team spirit.

Unleashing the Inner Artist with Pictionary

The event kicks off with a high-energy round of Pictionary, where employees unleash their inner artists. Whether you're a natural-born Picasso or struggle to sketch a stick figure, this game is all about laughter and camaraderie. It's a delightful way to see your colleagues in a new light, interpreting doodles and sharing a chuckle or two.

Instant Meme – Relatable Office Humor

Then, there's Instant Meme, where participants craft hilarious, relatable office jokes. It's a game that celebrates the lighter side of office life, tapping into the shared experiences and inside jokes that make each workplace unique. This activity is perfect for bonding, as it reminds everyone of the fun and quirky aspects of their jobs.

Lip-Sync Battles – From Coworkers to Superstars

As the day progresses, employees get the chance to transform into dazzling superstars with lip-sync battles. This activity is a showstopper, providing a platform for the most reserved employees to let loose and for the natural performers to shine. It's not just about singing; it's about attitude, performance, and enjoying the moment.

Office Charades – Channeling 'The Office'

A highlight of the event is 'Office Charades,' where teams act out characters from the iconic show 'The Office.' It's a race against the clock to embody the quirks and quotes of Michael Scott, Pam Beesly, and others. This game is particularly popular as it connects with the beloved TV series, bringing its humor into the office environment.

Career What-Ifs – Exploring Alternate Realities

In the 'Career What-Ifs' game, imagination runs wild as coworkers speculate on alternative career paths. Would Karen have been a CEO or Kevin a renowned chef? It's a journey filled with laughter and surprises, allowing everyone to see their colleagues in a completely different light.

The Office Award Show – Celebrating the Unique

No Employee Appreciation Event is complete without recognizing the unique talents within the team. The Award Show does just that, celebrating everything from 'Master of the Stapler Jams' to 'Sultan/Sultana of Sticky Note Art.' It's a way to appreciate the small, often overlooked contributions that make the workplace special.

Client Testimonial

The success of these events is best described by those who've experienced them. One client shared, "Thank you for reaching out! @Morgan was a hit with the office. I consistently heard people saying how amazing he was throughout the remainder of the day. They had such a good time and Morgan really helped facilitate a memorable experience for everyone who attended and participated. I haven’t heard people get that wild with hooting and hollering in a long time. It was such a great moment of breaking out of the normal routine to have some fun. Thank you to the team and to Morgan for helping our Employee Appreciation Day be special. (our CEO wore his medal the entire day and into his meetings.. ) Thank you again!"


The Go Game's Employee Appreciation Event is more than just a day of fun activities. It's a celebration of teamwork, creativity, and the unique qualities that each employee brings to the table. This event is a reminder that appreciating and recognizing your colleagues can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one, filled with laughter, unity, and unforgettable memories.