Unconventional Office Party Ideas: 8 Days of Festive Shenanigans


Celebrate company accomplishments and toast the New Year with panache! The Go Game has so many ways to spike your end-of-year party with high-stakes competition and monumental absurdity—let's make this year's holiday party unforgettable!

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1. Costumed Pub Crawl 
Grab a Santa hat and galavant to the watering holes with fun missions at every stop and prizes for the winners. Our emcees have super-hero skills in managing chaos. A rowdy good time in any town!

2. Give Something Back
This special game is designed to give back to your community for the holidays. From building bikes to gathering school supplies for kids, this is the most fun you'll ever have giving back.

3. Holiday Scavenger Hunt
Embark upon stealth missions to find runaway reindeer and learn whether your colleagues have been naughty or nice. Teams use our mobile platform to score points, discover new challenges and ring in 2017!

4. Holiday-Themed Game Show
How many sides are on a dreidel? Which country claims Christmas Island as its territory? You're the next contestant in our hilarious holiday game show, complete with custom questions about your co-workers and boss.

5. Party at Your Place
Rewrite Yuletide classics, recreate awkward family photos, recount funny holiday tales from childhood and more! We offer these challenges at your address—with or without a live emcee—and always with prizes for the winningnest winners.

6. Karaoke Caroling
What's better than karaoke? The Karaoke Rickshaw! We're well trained in the art of spontaneous sing-a-longs. This lit-up rig is equipped with over 80,000 popular tracks, so there's always a tune to make even your shyest co-worker croon.

7. Rhythm Circle
We'll bring the band leader, drums and piles of percussion instruments to prove that your coworkers have more rhythm than a shaking Santa. Pa rum pum pum pum!

8. Let Us Bring Your Holiday Idea to Life
Want a new spin on the holiday fête? How would your team like to celebrate the season? We can can customize this affair anyway you like it. Tell us what you want. (Seriously.) We'll make it happen!

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