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We're always looking for smart, organized, talented, reliable and funny people to add to The Go Game crew. From Game Producers and actors planted in games, to staff at our World Headquarters in San Francisco, we've got our eyes out for great people.

Actor Game Plants

If you enjoy being the center of attention and showing people a good time, The Go Game wants you! We are constantly hiring fun, reliable, talented people to act in our games. We have need of people in locations all around the U.S. and in a few international locations as well.

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Seasonal Full-Time Game Producer

This temporary, full-time, salaried position will see you flying all over the country (with suitcases full of cell phones, rubber chickens, and silly costumes), on a mission of utmost importance: bringing play to companies everywhere during our busy season. You will produce and execute wildly entertaining, high-tech scavenger hunts for the poor, huddled, cubicled masses, and sometimes they’ll carry you out on their shoulders because the game is that fun, and you're that awesome.

Job Description