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Game Overview

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Every hybrid event is unique. Do you have 10 remote attendees and 90 IRL? 100 IRL and 5 remote? That ratio can be all over the place for different groups. Lucky for you, we've got some very flexible solutions that can deliver a cohesive experience no matter what configuration you're flying in.

How It Works

'Conference Room' Mode Game Show

This is a great option if the majority of your team is remote. Players log onto the Weve platform individually, and form teams. The folks in the office simply need to log into ONE computer, say, in the conference room (get it? Conference Room mode?) and voila they are a team in the game.  From there, a professional host leads them through a rousing Game Show experience. Everyone plays on the same interface, in real time. It's digital democracy in action. The IRL folks are not at an advantage, and the whole feel of the game is one hysterical and level playing field. 

Hybrid Scavenger Hunt

This is a fusion of our popular Classic Go Game scavenger hunt and the Weve platform, and is a good solution for groups where the majority are IRL. Both IRL AND remote remote players are combined into mixed teams -- linked in purpose across the remote divide. The IRL players battle one another in an Amazing Race style urban adventure game while the remote teams play one another in a vitrually hosted game, both earning points for their broader team. The activities of the 2 sub-teams can be easily connected in purpose and scope. At times the IRL players will need to reach out to the remote players to gain information only they have, further promoting collaboration between them. Ultimately all players can log on to the Weve platform to check out all the photos and videos of the days shenanigans -- all led by the virtual Emcee Game Host.

“We laughed, we cried... it was better then CATS!!! ”

Multi-City Scavenger Hunt

This outdoor, Amazing-Race style event is perfect for a team that is spread out among different cities or countries. Imagine each team set loose on an neighborhood of a city (even a company campus is fine), downloading clues to their cellphone, racing about earning points. The teams will all do many of the same challenges, whether they are in Palo Alto or Paris. Several challenges require teams stage hysterical photos and videos, and the crown jewel of the event is the slideshow presentation of all the submissions. This part can easily happen on our remote platform, Weve, and everyone can participate in this entertaining preso together. This hybrid game is typically played synchronously, but it adjusted and played asynchronously when there are huge time zone differences. 

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The Original IRL Game Show

Our purely IRL Game Show comes with buzzers, a giant screen, crazy props, and, of course, a witty host. Each team will download our app and use thier phone to submit answers and take photos of the action. What's more, the game can happen just about anywhere, from a conference room to a restaurant. Expect tons of laughter, cheering and high-fives.

Not Quite What You Were Looking For?

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Musical stardom in one continuous, epic shot.

Go Game Classic

Scavenger Hunt + Mission Impossible + Creative Brilliance

There are currently no options available for the chosen combination, but we can make something work for you.

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