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Apocalypses happen.

But with our Flex Switch policy, we don't let that get in the way of you and your team having an amazing time. Leveraging our virtual event platform, Weve, you can now transition between in-person, virtual and hybrid events with as little as 3 hours notice in select US cities! So, whether it's travel delays, health issues, or frogs falling from the sky - Weve got you covered!


Game Overview

Fan Favorite
Observer Friendly
Communication Building
Iconic Game
Play Anywhere

The Go Game presents a unique approach to experiential marketing: immersive, hands-on play. We create customized game experiences that showcase your brand or product in a truly memorable way. The Go Game's engaging game content and well-designed game mechanics provide the perfect vehicle for getting your message to employees or to consumers

Highlights Of Our Work

Game of Thrones Launch Event

Over a week away from the release of Season 6 of HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones, thousands of fans were antsy as a bad picnic for the start of the next season

While previous seasons were based off George R. R. Martin’s books, this was the first truly unknown storyline. The air thick with suspense and anticipation, HBO called on Yours Truly to whip up some Westeros fantastical fun. The Go Game invited hundreds of fans to public events in three different cities to celebrate the premiere of the newest season.

We created a live-action, interactive game around the series that was free and open to the public. Teams tested their skills in a series of missions and competed against each other for access to the coveted Season 6 premiere showing hosted by HBO.

Revolutionary War in Boston

We've sent teams made of journalists, bloggers, and high level gamers through key historical sites around the Freedom Trail in Boston to promote the launch of a Revolutionary War themed video game release.

Players answered questions about key historical sites around the area, interacted with actors portraying the Founding Fathers, and shot photos and videos recreating famous moments from old school video games.

Royal Race

The Go Game produced a promotional game for a jewelry chain store themed around the wedding of Price William and Princess Kate, with the goal of reaching a younger demographic.

The race was covered by over 200 news outlets, including Fox News, NBC and The Boston Globe. The client received 38,000 hits on their website as a direct result of the PR generated by the Royal Race!

Magical Moments with Harry Potter

We’re so excited about our partnership with HBO to create the “Hogwarts House Challenges” in which participants faced off in Harry Potter trivia and challenges in Atlanta, Boston, and Denver. Is The Go Game a part of the wizarding world? Not exactly. We’re Muggles still waiting for our letters from Hogwarts, but our costume collection rivals the wardrobe of any wizard and our gamerunners make magic happen every day. Yeah, yeah, we can’t levitate, but we help groups WIN(gardium leviosa) at team building, without the trust falls. And we don’t have magic wands, but we do have suitcases full of rubber chickens that we swish and flick around. 95% of the time things go perfectly well in our games, but when they don’t, we use 17 years of experience to transform a challenging situation into a magical experience. A few of our game producer wizards shared their magic tricks with us and told us about times they turned horror stories into magical moments.

Photos of Marketing Games

“Awesome job guys! The process was seamless and effortless as the organizer. the end production was also executed well, was funny, engaging and entertaining. Our teams have raved about it! Thanks again!”

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