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Game Overview

5 to 1000 players

Coderbreaker combines the fun of our scavenger hunt with hands-on cyber security puzzles.  

Your time-traveling game runner has escaped from the future on a mission to save the human race from the evil robot overlords that have reduced civilization to 00110000.  A game for the left and right brain, it will require teams to think critically and collaborate in an effort to break the code and master their cyber skills!

If your goal is to bond as a team, have fun, and flex your coding skills, this is the game for you!

How It Works

Break the Code, Save the World

We've partnered with security training experts, Avatao, to incorporate hand-on coding puzzles with the adventure of The Go Game.   Throughout the game zone, teams will encounter security challenges inspired by OWASP Top 10 and other coding best practices.

Throughout the game, teams will complete puzzles and proceed through a series of training missions; each of them designed to sharpen their hacking, code-breaking and overall sneakiness skills. 

In the end, teams will hone their skills and save the human race. So, yeah...it's a big deal.

The Truth is Out There

With Codebreaker, anyone in the crowd could be one of our secret operatives. We'll station our agents throughout the game zone, integrating learning with play for an afternoon of adventure.

A combination of creative missions, scavenger hunt puzzles, head-to-head challenges, and coding mission engage right/left brain thinking for retention and engagement. 

“The Go Game now seems like an extended part of the Adobe family! Our site is a mix of engineers, sales and management, we now all have a bond that would never have been created if it weren’t for the Go Game team and their amazing team! ”

Super Serious about Cyber Security?

Why stop at merely saving the world when SOC 2 compliance is banging at the door! Ask about our security training conference games for a perfect blend to team-building, security training, and awesomeness.

Positively the most fun you can have while meeting your annual SOC 2 or ISO 27001 training requirements!

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