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How many players on your team?

1-50 People
51-100 People
101-500 People
500+ People

Great! Now choose a game type.

Smarty Pants
With Heart
Short n Sweet
Inside Option

Remote Team Building

Bring your remote work force in on the fun with our video conference game

Go Game Classic

Scavenger Hunt + Mission Impossible + Creative Brilliance

Scavenger Hunt

Play the hunt that started it all

Game Show

Engage your crowd with a high-stakes hosted game

Go Game Lite

Our Classic Game, but playable anywhere for a fraction of the cost.

Secret Agent

This DIY game combines brain-busting puzzles with other spy skill challenges. Great for smaller budgets.

Movie Game

Fame, paparazzi, & entertainment combine for a star-studded team-building game

Music Video Game

Your team becomes the star of an unforgettable music video

Lip Dub

Musical stardom in one continuous, epic shot.

Holiday Party

This year treat your employees to a game starring them, and their yet to known talents.

The Mystery Puzzle Game

Decipher codes and clues to solve the mystery

Lawn Games

Ditch the tech and bring back that campy feeling


Teamwork and giving back are at the heart of this bike-building challange

Giving Back

Have fun and feel good when PLAY meets GIVING. With backpacks!

Conference Games

Our Conference Game will reinforce learning objectives and create an 'epic win' for all involved.

Letting Go Game

Our Classic Go Game with a mindfulness twist

Disaster Preparedness

Want to bring safety workshops to life? We've got a game for that

Marketing Games

The Go Game's engaging game content and well-designed game mechanics can reach your customers

Photo Booth

From personalized props to animated gifs, this is not your average photo booth experience


Scavenger Hunt mixed with hands-on Coding Puzzles that reinforce best security practices for SOC2 compliance

There are currently no options available for the chosen combination, but we can make something work for you.

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