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Ian Fraser

Co-Founder and CEO

Ian Fraser is the co-founder and chief executive officer of The Go Game, the leader in team-building and culture-driving games. Ian and chief technology officer, Finn Kelly, co-founded The Go Game in 2000 to bring fun to work through interactive games, events, and experiences that make employees feel connected and engaged. In 2020, The Go Game launched Go Remote which creates dynamic digital environments that enable real engagement that goes beyond the market standard video conferencing tool.


As the CEO, Ian is responsible for The Go Game’s overarching business strategy and day to day profitability. He is also responsible for setting the general tone of the products and is deeply involved in the creative output. Ian also oversees the partnership and sales teams as they introduce Go Remote to the marketplace securing clients such as Google, LinkedIn, Spotify, and Amazon.


Whether coaching girls softball, shepherding 15 years old soccer players across West Africa, leading juvenile felons across the swamps of Florida, or empowering his own employees, Ian’s approach is the same: embrace the uncertainty, lean into challenges, and wisely use one of the best tools we have to be successful: and that’s play. Ian earned his BS in Political Science and Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He lives in Berkeley with his wife and three daughters.

Ian Fraser Go Game

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