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If your goal is to create a unique and energized conference, SKO or large meeting, we've got a great solution. Our Conference Game will reinforce learning objectives, strengthen relationships and create an 'epic win' for all involved. 

The Go Game will create a fun, engaging, and right-sized game experience that fits perfectly into your meeting. Whether you're looking for a 'game layer' over 3 days of meetings,  or one energetic team building event, or something in between, we've got a solution for you.

Our Recipe for Success

Built Around Your Goals

Ultimately your large meeting will be graded on its ability to teach and inspire attendees about your learning objectives. We're firm believers that people learn more deeply when engaged in game-play. This game draws on people's intrinsic desire for friendly competition, and ultimately the biggest winner of all is the material you're charged with disseminating. 

We can make your content come to life in the form of experiential learning -- 'Missions' that we co-create, which can take form of Keynote Trivia, Networking Challenges, Breakout Questionnaires, Planted Actor Missions, and even Creative Photo/Video prompts.

Robust Tech

We've been delivering the fun at conferences since the days of Blackberries and flip phones. Today, our proprietary app (iOS and Android) can serve up game content to any smartphone, and has some pretty slick features. Furthermore, we can integrate easily with any 3rd party conference app you may be using for registration/scheduling, so there's no need for folks to download two. 

““Amazing fun and you could tell The Go Game team enjoyed what they did. Loved the challenges and overall would only say that was one of the best events I have ever been to.””


Whether it's speaking in front of thousands of conference attendees to get them excited about the game, or going over spreadsheets of team numbers for the umpteenth time our team will impress you with their attention to detail. We say this a lot: in the conference business, when you've flown folks in from across the country or globe, there are no 'do-overs.' 

Ask us about some of our games with recent larger groups like Genesys, Blue Shield and Daimler.

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We'd love to walk you through the experience via the app and show how a Go Game could make your meeting one for the ages.  

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