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Lip dub

A choreographed piece of musical glory, starring your people


Short N Sweet
Up to 1000 Players

Welcome to The Go Game’s Lipdub challenge –a high-stakes, viral video challenge that will electrify any conference or team building event.

Your group, split into segments, will learn their part of a one-shot music video. After brainstorming and staging by our expert crew, your team will pull together in epic fashion for a massive payoff!

Camp Swing 2019 LipDub (compressed)

Why Play The Lip Dub Arrow

Execute Like a Boss

It sounds simple enough, a one shot music video. But this form of musical tribute requires attention to detail.

The combination of time management, pressure and creativity breaks down barriers between players, creates strong team identification, and puts players in a state of “flow” where they can tap into their innate motivation to succeed. The Lip Dub challenge is designed to get teams to tap into a wide variety of skills including creativity, communication, problem solving, and time management.

Lip Dub Go Game

Create A Culture Touchstone

Your Go Game Producer will work with your group to create unique segments involving 5-15 people. They will give each segment some simple but unique choreography and place them strategically throughout the space. And then...


Segments are in place, the song is cued and we are ready to roll! An experienced cameraman weaves through your space capturing every smile and dance move. Once we’re all done, it’s time to show everyone their handiwork.


“This was honestly the best work team builder I have ever attended. Hats off to GO GAME!”

Jessica Kemp

    The Presentation

    The Presentation is the unforgettable and hilarious culmination of the day’s events. Your presenter will set the stage using a montage of pictures uploaded by the players throughout the day as everyone settles in. Then it’s time for the big debut: A viral-video-quality music video guaranteed to keep the crowd in stitches.


    Go Game Lid Dub

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