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The Spy Game

Stake out your adversaries in this high-drama game

Game Overview

Fan Favorite
Observer Friendly
Communication Building
Iconic Game

Straighten your fake mustache and dust off the shoe phone, you're about to star in the The Spy Game! In addition to all the fantastic and time-honored elements of The Classic Go Game, the Spy Game follows an action-packed storyline where someone (or something) from your company gets kidnapped!

In this game, someone from your office (CEO, CTO, etc.) becomes the star of four video clues, which tell the story of a sinister data heist at your company and contain riddles that the teams unravel to solve the final mission.


How The Spy Game Works Arrow

The Setup Kit

Before your game, Go Game HQ provides you with a video camera, a few props, and a simple-yet-exciting script -- no major acting skills required! Typically the star of these scenes is a leader at your company who will NOT be playing the game.

We only need five to ten minutes of video footage to transform your 'designated star' into a disguised hero on the run (à la The Fugitive). Plot twists, simple costume changes, and some CGI all combine to make these Video Clues a favorite part of this game.

Go Game Spy Game

The Plot Thickens

The Spy Game has Actor and Creative Missions for the players too! During Actor Missions, players may encounter planted henchmen for the thieves/kidnappers, or double-crossing spies intent on infiltrating your company. The Creative Missions stay true to the Spy theme as well, with ample opportunities to make videos that out-funny Austin Powers!



Go Game Spy Game

“So much fun from beginning to end! Steven was a great facilitator and set the tone for the game. The team can't stop talking about how much fun they had and how unique the experience was for them. It was the perfect amount of everything!! Thank you thank you!!! ”

Tania Ayala

    Mission Accomplished

    The game concludes with a mad dash to the finish with the mission-critical data: Can you be the first to save the day?

    Mission debrief follows: You'll show off the epic photos and videos of your exploits to your peers and colleagues. An expertly emceed Go Game victory celebration with prizes and acclaim caps off the event.


    Photos of The Spy Game

    Some action shots of the action

    Have a Look

    Picture you and your crew channeling their inner James Bond and Austin Powers in this time-tested favorite game.

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