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The Letting Go Game

The Go Game with a mindfulness twist

Game Overview

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Communication Building
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It’s no longer just a buzzword—hundreds of companies have integrated meditation and awareness training to improve productivity, reduce stress and help people operate better under pressure.

We know these can be difficult subjects to tackle in an accessible way, and we’ve hired trained professionals to make it an awesome, bonding experience with just the right amount of heartfelt communication. 


What You’ll Get Out of This Game


Learn self-awareness

Through a few simple techniques, players will gain insight into the concept of awareness to apply in their work and everyday life.


Develop stronger working relationships

This game is designed to build safe space between colleagues and teach them communication tools to manage difficult conversations


Learn Resilience Skills

Navigating an increasingly fast-paced and ambiguous workplace can be stressful and exhausting.

This game teaches helpful resilience building tools that support participants to thrive in their work and life.

How It Works Arrow

The Letting Go Game

Built on the structure of our hugely popular Classic Game, the Letting Go Game sends teams on a series of indoor and/or outdoor missions that will:

  • Learn self-awareness
  • Develop stronger working relationships
  • Learn resiliency skills

Your team members are more likely to retain and use these tools when they’ve had an opportunity to practice them in a game. Play is the perfect way to capture the attention of everyone on your team. If the word “meditation” makes you cringe, this accessible experience with down-to-earth facilitators (not woo woo) will help you get a taste of what all the hype is about without the eye roll.

Go Game Team Building Classic Go Game

Actors to Help Engage

We carefully select actors to lead teams through a secret agent-type mission, giving them the indication that anyone could be in on the action! They may be guided through a simple set of yoga stretches, a brief meditation or be encouraged to perform random acts of kindness. (face painting optional!)



Go Game Letting Go Game

“Our team LOVED the letting go game. We all enjoyed the chance to loosen up, get creative with the answers, and get to know our team members in a non-office context.”

Jena Chafin
Financial Engines

    Expression Missions

    These missions are intended to cultivate self-awareness and emotional intelligence in a playful and accessible way.Players could engage in an appreciation circle or a compliment throw down with one another. They might be asked to identify their dream super power, as well as their personal kryptonite.



    Letting Go Game Game

    Mindfulness Missions

    Players will be led through awareness exercises. They may be asked to connect with their own sensory experience, their breathing, or the world around them with a sense of beginner’s mind. Games can include new assistive biofeedback technologies, just ask!

    Go Game Letting Go Mindfulness

    Creative Photos and Videos

    These missions get teams to work together to create photos and videos to apply their new tools in humorous or heartfelt ways. Using a camera we provide, teams may capture a moment of laughter, recreate a heroic posture or film the ultimate relaxation how-to video for a stressed co-worker. After the game, teams reassemble to complete the day with opportunities to connect with each other and see the photos and videos created. 

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