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Remote Team Building

The Virtual Water Cooler

A Video Conferencing Game

Short n Sweet
Play Anywhere
Up to 16 Players

With more and more companies taking on a larger remote work force, The Go Game has come up with a virtual team building solution for the future of work. We’ve combined our unique brand of fun within a slick video conferencing interface and a hilarious host to bring your remote teammates into the fold. Even if you only have a few workers offsite, this ensures that everyone feels part of the squad and engaged.

"It was really great! I've been hoping for something like this for our team building!" - Google

"I learned a lot about my teammates and had a great time!" - Oracle

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How It Works Arrow

Create Culture for Remote Staff

At a lower cost point, and with less of a time requirement, you can offer team-building opportunities more frequently throughout the year.

Everyone Shines
Because everyone is online and visible, nobody can tune out on social media. The Scribe feature changes from mission to mission keeping everyone on their toes. 

Larger Audience
Typically, on a team-building outing, a moment will be shared among 4-5 people on a team. However, with remote team building, everyone bears witness to the scintillating performance of the software engineer on her lip-synch, leaving lasting memories on everyone’s mind.


The Game Itself

Games takes only 45 minutes and players will be guided through a variety of game types to keep the energy moving and provides an opportunity for everyone to shine.

Game types include:

  • Buzz In Pub Trivia
  • Giphy Challenge
  • Pictionary Drawing
  • Head-to-Head Social Games
  • Lipdub
  • Fun Fact Match
  • Categories
  • Live Polling and Voting

During the game our Go Game host DJ’s music, points out highlights and provides topical commentary. The results are side-splitting and engaging as players can vote on everyone’s submissions to determine the final outcome.



“Our teams game today was awesome! This was the most effective and fun remote team building experience I have seen”

Elizabeth Cooper

    How It Works

    The game is played on any modern browser, so no need to download software.  The players are divided up into 3 teams at the outset and each challenge is timed to keep a good pace.  All you need is a good web connection, webcam and some headphones and you are ready to play!




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    Get In On The Game

    Introductory pricing starts at $399 a game