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Support For Go Remote

Tech Support

Please start with our tech requirements page to make sure you have met the requirements for your device to run Go Remote. 

Login Issues

95% of the issues with logging in and camera permissions can be solved with these suggestions.

1. Use the Chrome Browser 
We use this browser the most, so it gets the most testing. 

2. Incognito Browser Window
You do this by going to "File" and selecting "New Incognito Window." This will reset your cookies and your permission settings for the camera and microphone so you can onboard and set them again. 

3. Give Permissions

In the latest Apple OS and Windows 10 you must go to preferences and give the browser permission to use the camera.  Here's the Apple Instructions and the Windows Instructions

4. Turn Off VPN

If you can, turn off your VPN.  This can block access to certain important sites that we need to run our video conferencing platform.

5. Use Your phone or surface/iPad
While not officially supported, this can often times solve VPN issues as you will be connecting via your mobile carrier instead of a company issued computer. 

I've Tried All This And I'm Still Having Issues