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Over the years, we've been impressed (and amused) by the creativity demonstrated by teams' video missions during our Classic Adventure. So we created a game inspired by these experiences. The Movie Game is a blockbuster of a team-building activity, where you and your co-workers will be transformed into a powerhouse movie production unit -- cinematographers, directors, actors, costume and sound designers -- all collaborating to create short films that will blow your mind!

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Something for Everyone

With the Movie Game, we’ve struck the perfect balance between an open-ended creative exercise and an executable script.

If you think your department might not be creative enough for this activity, we might suggest that you are wrong. Even the biggest movie buff in your office hasn’t seen a romance movie quite like ours -- where your CEO makes pottery with a ghost, or an action-packed short film with car chases, shootouts, and insane villains --where you do your own stunts! Or how about a mock-u-mentary about hairdressers? We will show you.

Our Hosts Bring the Movie Magic

Part Oscars emcee and part college film instructor, your Game Producer will get the event going with a hilarious and high-energy introduction. The gear, the roles, and the structure of the game will be clearly spelled out so teams can hit the ground running.

End with a Bang

The game ends in an all-out Academy Awards style ceremony, presented at the ending venue of your choice. Hosted by your Game Producer (Tina Fey is notoriously hard to book), the movies are screened and we'll help you judge them, supported by food and drink if you wish. You'll vote for "Best Director," "Best Actor," the coveted "Best Picture" and a host of other categories. Solid gold plastic awards are presented to the winners recognizing the myriad talents of your group.

Host & Finale Options

On-Screen Host

On-Screen Host

Get your teams together and we'll join you on-screen (with a bit of movie magic).

On-Site Host

On-Site Host

Let our engaging and charismatic should-be-famous movie-actor hosts guide you through the range of mini-games. Your host will provide hands-on support from pre-planning to kickoff to completion.


“Always an amazing time with Go Game! We've worked with you numerous times and it's never the same thing.”

Project Management Advisors

“This game brings people/teams together so quickly - and by the end, everyone is high fiving, laughing, and best of friends! Everyone had nothing but great things to say about this experience - thank you for everything!”


“The Game Show bought our staff closer together. It's hard getting back after the pandemic. The laughter was phenomenal. Everyone is still talking about the good time they had this morning. The atmosphere is light and airy this morning. We will be back again.”

Postal Regulatory Commission


The team at Blue Matter Consulting loves to be creative and improvised. So they came to us for our famous Movie Game, and everyone had a blast. They brought props and costumes to really kick the experience up a notch, and every team's final outcome was award-worthy. The group loved the experience so much, they decided to schedule ANOTHER Movie Game with us just a few months later. 

"If you're ready to mix things up with your teams, let loose, have fun, and feel connection, The Go Game's Movie Game is two thumbs up."

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