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Conference Game

If your goal is to create a unique and energized conference, SKO or large meeting, we've got a great solution. Our Conference Game will reinforce learning objectives, strengthen relationships and create an 'epic win' for all involved. 

The Go Game will create a fun, engaging, and right-sized game experience that fits perfectly into your meeting. Whether you're looking for a 'game layer' over 3 days of meetings, or one energetic team building event, or something in between, we've got a solution for you.

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Built Around Your Goals

Ultimately your large meeting will be graded on its ability to teach and inspire attendees about your learning objectives. We're firm believers that people learn more deeply when engaged in game-play. This game draws on people's intrinsic desire for friendly competition, and ultimately the biggest winner of all is the material you're charged with disseminating. 

We can make your content come to life in the form of experiential learning -- 'Missions' that we co-create, which can take form of Keynote Trivia, Networking Challenges, Breakout Questionnaires, Planted Actor Missions, and even Creative Photo/Video prompts. And the adventure experience can run through the duration of your meeting; anywhere from several hours to several days!

Our Tech Makes Everything Seamless

We've built our game platform from the ground up since 2001, making The Go Game the only company in the business running on tech that we can control and modify. And leveraging our virtual platform, Weve, we can offer a variety of host types for every budget and team.

Add-Ons Elevate Every Experience

If you're looking to turn your experience up a notch, we have a variety of add-ons to really help bring your meeting to life. We can include Interactive Art Installations like a Projectile Art Wall or Music Video Station, and Pop-Up Moments with circus performers and magicians. Or... a pack of Elvis'

Host & Finale Options

On-Screen Host

On-Screen Host

Play on your own and celebrate with a virtual Host at the end! Your remote Event Producer will provide day-of support and then one of our professional On-Screen Hosts will lead a live comedic finale presentation and award show.

On-Site Host

On-Site Host

Our On-Site Host option provides the ultimate wow factor for an action-packed, laugh-out-loud good time! Your host will provide hands-on support from pre-planning to kickoff to completion, and emcee the hilarious climactic finale presentation and awards show.



Play and celebrate on your own, knowing we have your back. Your remote Event Producer will provide day-of-support, and a slideshow link 15 minutes after the event, so you can watch with your group and reveal the winning team!


Have you ever been to a conference where your CEO serenades you from a rolling disco ball? Or staged an epic team music video to some top trendy hits? We’re sure you’ve at least created a 2,000 person art project by throwing paint-filled objects at a projectile art wall. 


Well we made all that happen (and more) for Century 21's annual conference in Sin City. Our team stopped at nothing to make sure the 2,000 attendees were having a good time during their two days in Las Vegas. From the moment they got their conference badges in hand, the fun was in constant motion...literally. We were dropping people off at their breakout sessions all day as they belted out their classic Karaoke tunes in the Karaoke Rickshaw. When they weren’t singing their favorite Cher song, attendees were using their talents to make their very own custom music videos with full props and costumes. Once their taste of stardom was satiated, they moved on over to the Projectile Art Wall. Here they launched paint-filled eggs at a series of rotating canvases. We had to give these folks a rest from their stressful days of creating art and music, so we planted magicians, stilt walkers, poi spinners, and dancers throughout the conference as well. And of course it wouldn’t have been a Go Game extravaganza without a Classic Adventure experience. 

Our team had SO much fun helping Century 21 get reignited about breakouts and conference sessions. Let us make your next conference something memorable too. 

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