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format-icon in-person
duration-icon 45 min - 90 min
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Battle Royale

The Battle Royale is a spin-off of our Classic Adventure game, but with a few twists. For starters, it can be played ANYWHERE: inside, outside, on a boat, in a ballpark, or on the go. All of the missions and challenges have no ties to a particular location, giving you the ultimate flexibility. So grab your team, a couple of cell phones, and get ready to go head-to-head in our Battle Royale.

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Play Anywhere

The Battle Royale is the game for you if you need to play inside of a conference room, park, or parking lot. No need to be boxed in by physical restraints! The Go Game knows that fun and memories can be made anywhere, even inside that metaphorical box.


It's Totally Dynamic

Unlike our game show, (which is played mainly seated, huddled around tables, or “on stage”), this game gets your entire team MOVING around the room you are in.

Simply split the group into teams, download the app, and let the shenanigans begin. Each team will be working on a different mission at different times creating a super DYNAMIC and ENERGETIC atmosphere in the room.

Some teams will be challenging other teams to Head to Head Duels (staring contest or hidden talents showdown anyone?) while others will be staging awkward family photos or finding items hidden in plain sight, as fast as they can.


Not So Fast

Just because you aren’t ‘scavenger hunting’ in an urban area doesn’t mean we won’t have riddles that are just right for you! We have hundreds of puzzles, riddles, and trivia that we add to this game to make it a perfect fit for your unique group. Think Pub Trivia on steroids! With an entire website full of photos and videos that you can keep, treasure, and bribe each other with at the end. Yahtzee! (Which is pretty much the only game NOT a part of Battle Royale).


Host & Finale Options

On-Screen Host

On-Screen Host

Play on your own and celebrate with a virtual host at the end! Your remote Event Producer will provide day-of support and then one of our professional On-Screen Hosts will lead a live comedic finale presentation and award show.

On-Site Host

On-Site Host

For an action-packed, laugh-out-loud good time, our On-Site Host option provides the ultimate wow-factor! Your host will provide hands-on support from pre-planning to kickoff to completion, and emcee the hilarious climactic finale presentation and awards show.



Play and celebrate on your own, knowing we have your back. Your remote Event Producer will provide day-of-support, and a slideshow link 15 minutes after the event, so you can watch with your group and reveal the winning team!


“Always an amazing time with Go Game! We've worked with you numerous times and it's never the same thing.”

Project Management Advisors

“This game brings people/teams together so quickly - and by the end, everyone is high fiving, laughing, and best of friends! Everyone had nothing but great things to say about this experience - thank you for everything!”


“The Game Show bought our staff closer together. It's hard getting back after the pandemic. The laughter was phenomenal. Everyone is still talking about the good time they had this morning. The atmosphere is light and airy this morning. We will be back again.”

Postal Regulatory Commission


The New School of San Francisco wanted to give their teachers an opportunity to relax and let loose, so they planned a Battle Royale Adventure experience and let their 50 teachers roam around the city completing challenges. The Battle Royal experience is unique in that there are no location-specific clues or challenges, so players had the flexibility to go anywhere (or nowhere at all) and get creative. 

"A shared challenge and a little competition always pulls people together."

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