Penny Mathis

Senior Game Producer

Epigrammatic, scintillating, and ebullient and always ready for fun!


Duck, duck, goose, Ping pong, air hockey, wordle

Let's have some fun!

Why I love working at The Go Game?

The thing I love most about being a Game Producer isI give people permission to play. I orchestrate a way for them to work together in a way they wouldn't normally get to work together in a corporate or work setting. I always say we like to trick people into thinking this is a high tech game...yes, we use fancy phones, yes we have savvy software, yes our platform is prestigious....but really, when it comes down to it....we are getting people to connect, to interact. I love that what I do makes work fun and reveals interesting skills, characteristics, stories about individuals and creates a connection that may not have come from just an average day at the office. Not only do I get others to play, but I literally get to play for a living. How awesome is that?!


The universe has a way of bringing things into my life just at the right time, and The Go Game was no different. We found each other over 15 years ago when I met an orange jumpsuit clad Game Producer and knew I had stumbled upon something amazing. With a BA in Speech/Theatre/Education and a minor in music, the gypsy winds have taken me on some incredible adventures. I have traveled the world as a performer, from stage to screen to street. From California pursuing film, to Japan as a stilt-walking variety artist fiddling gypsy, to Texas as the co-founder of a vaudeville theatre where I performed, promoted, and produced family-friendly variety shows, then on to Orlando where I performed at Sea World and Universal Studios. Enter The Go Game stage right! My love of traveling, performing, and connecting with people was all stirred together cooking up the perfect job for me. For over 15 years, I have worked with corporate clients and small businesses all over the globe helping them work together in a unique way highlighting co-worker interaction, as well as giving them memorable moments to connect them beyond their everyday work routine.

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