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Spidey Technology

Our very own game platform since before there was Google

    Proprietary Game Platform

    In 2001, The Go Game developed a groundbreaking gaming platform to fuel real-world adventures in team-building...and we've never stopped innovating and adding to its superpowers! This proprietary environment gives us the flexibility to develop new gameplay and features to meet changing technology, as well as the needs of our clients. The Go Game is a customized, personal experience...not a cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf event.   Read more about the features that set The Go Game experience apart.

    Go Game Technology

    Smart Routing

    Our intelligent routing system is geo-logical! Teams won't encounter awkward downtime or boring bottlenecks when our app smartly serves up the next challenge based on their location.

    During The Go Game, our diversity calculator works to give each team just the right amount of everything; from unique one-on-one experiences with planted actors hiding in plain sight throughout the game zone....to creative video challenges that will appear in the finale show.

    Go Game Smart Routing

    “The great thing about The Go Game is that you never know exactly where the path will wind. You just know that it will lead you to Hilariousville.

    Birch Norton,

      Head To Head Challenges

      Another fun-fuelled feature of The Go Game are the exciting Head-to-Head challenges, where teams might engage in a compliment duel or rap battle about company values with another team they spot in the game zone. Our flexible technology allows both teams to interrupt their current assignment and participate in the challenge...emerge victorious...or not...then return to their individual assignments in their quest for the top prize.  

      Go Game Head to Head

      Real-Time Tinkering

      We can adjust every element of the game on the fly. Did a presidential arcade just block off access to Starbucks? Was the city hall fountain suddenly filled with bubbles, obscuring the dedication? No problem! We can quickly reroute teams to a new adventure and bypass whatever unexpected hurdles appear.

      Unique to our platform, videos and photos are reviewed, prepped, and downloaded in advance of the grand finale to ensure an entertaining end to the day's adventures. 

      Go Game Technology

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