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Virtual Team Building

The Virtual Water Cooler

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    We're Play Professionals Who
    Take Fun Seriously

    Since 2001, The Go Game has turned the most skeptical employees into wildly enthusiastic team players. By gamifying a wide variety of events for groups of ten to ten-thousand people, we'll enhance your company culture to make it more than just a buzzword. See for yourself why thousands of industry leaders call us the best in team building and beyond.

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    Team Building

    Off-Sites and Morale Boosters

    Be the company hero and plan the ultimate event

    No matter the personality, size or location of your group, we’ll help you choose the perfect team building event. Bring us your creatives, your intellectuals, your athletes -- we've got games for everyone. Our expert Game Producers create magic with a combination of our own technology, creative ideas, and customizable options (all while wearing a cool orange jumpsuit).

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    Remote Team Building

    Brand New in 2020

    Virtual Team Building Has Finally Arrived



    Engage your remote work force with a monthly video conference game.  Trivia, Categories, Pictionary, Fact Match and Lipdub rolled into one!

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    Birthdays to Bachelorettes to Business Schools

    Turn your party into an epic adventure

    We love to party and we’ll help you plan yours anywhere in the world. Let us customize a game featuring your guest(s) of honor (awkward family photos anyone?) and turn your celebration into something truly special in San Francisco or beyond.

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    Stick to the Classics With Our Classic Game

    Our best-selling Classic Game is the most popular team building activity for a reason. Think: Amazing Race meets America’s Funniest Home Videos, peppered with Cranium, facilitated by an expert Game Producer. Teams rack up points by finding clues, performing creative challenges, and going head to head with their colleagues while working toward a common goal: winning. (Just kidding, the goal is to build stronger teams and create a stronger culture.)

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    Go Game Classic Team Building Activity

    Want to stay indoors?

    When you can't get outside because it's 120 degrees or you've got a short timeline, we've got games for you. From Gameshows, to puzzle games and even indoor physical recess style events -- we've got you covered!

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    Indoor Go Games Team Building

    Here's what folks are saying about us

    “Our Game Producer was amazing and made the experience 'magical' as we say here at Airbnb. Her attention to detail, ability to clearly identify needs and her overall insight, elevated the team building experience beyond expectations.

    Makaela Corney
    Social Media Specialist

    “What a fun game the GO GAME evoked feelings of being a kid. It was a blast!!!!!!”

    Dawn Farrell

      Remote Team Building

      With more and more companies taking on a larger remote work force, The Go Game has come up with a team building solution for the future of work. We’ve combined our unique brand of fun with a slick video conferencing interface and a hilarious host to bring your remote team into the fold.   

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      Case Studies from the Past

      We've had the privilege of working with incredible clients over the years, including the likes of HBO, SAP, YPO and a few others that have more than 3 letters, like Lyft.  Check out a few of the case studies from Seattle to New York that demonstrate the breadth of our services. 

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      Go Game Case Studies

      Let us Gamify your Sales Kickoff

      Make your next kickoff kick ass. We can help build something epic for your conference or event using your content. Gamifying your event leads to higher retention of information, engagement and fun! (And we have the science to back it up.)

      Learn how to customize your conference or kickoff.

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      Want More Stories of How We Do Things?

      Read about our incredible staff of Game Producers and how we've contributed to culture around the world.

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