Apocalypses happen.

But with our Flex Switch policy, we don't let that get in the way of you and your team having an amazing time. Leveraging our virtual event platform, Weve, you can now transition between in-person, virtual and hybrid events with as little as 3 hours notice in select US cities! So, whether it's travel delays, health issues, or frogs falling from the sky - Weve got you covered!

Game Overview

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Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa or any other holiday party, we have several games that really bring the holiday cheer. Our most popular games to customize are the Classic Go Game and the Game Show, and we have hybrid (and fully virtual) offerings as well so everyone on your team can join in. 

So bring out the jingle bells, and treat your employees to the best holiday of all time. After all, the best holiday party memories involve games, right?

Holiday Fun

Holiday Classic

A Holiday Classic Game follows the same scavenger-hunt-on-steroids formula, but the actors, the creative challenges, and all trivia are skewed towards the holiday season. Holiday is a term we use liberally -- we are happy to celebrate whatever combo of festivities you like. Win this game and you just might get a big present to unwrap!

Holiday Game Show

Equal parts "Family Feud," "Minute to Win It" and a traditional pub quiz, the Game Show is a sure crowd pleaser - especially if you need to be indoors! Typically lasting anywhere from 1-2 hours, it fits nicely into a longer party timeline. We can also make the questions about your team, your culture and your company.

Plus, this can be played with all in-person or a mixture of in-person and remote players, and include our hilarious Virtual Award Show finale to announce the winning teams that will take home all the glory (and bragging rights.)

“I left it all on the streets of Hoboken that afternoon, but I will say this... It was an easy to consume, dynamic, excitement-generating, team-building afternoon event. You have to be all-in on the mission to get the most out of the fun. A great way to get people out of their shells and show where they can shine! Great work, and keep it fresh.”

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