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The Go Game Actor Application

Do you enjoy working with people? Do you have performance, teaching or public speaking experience? The Go Game wants you! We are constantly hiring fun, reliable, talented people to act in our games. We have need of people in locations all around the U.S. and in a few international locations as well!

Reminder! Be sure to add "info@thegogame.com" to your contacts list or our emails may be routed to your Promotions or Spam folder! (As if!)

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Read about our incredible staff of Game Producers and how we've designed games around the world.

Introducing Go Remote Expo: Our Virtual Event Platform for 1,000s


The Go Game, the leader in hosting dynamic events, corporate team building, remote conferences and more, has launched a new virtual offering: Go Remote Expo. This new product is changing the virtual events and conference industry at large, as corporate event planners look to engage their online audiences in dynamic, participatory ways. 

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Remote Team Building for Virtual Teams

Check out these interesting statistics from a GoRemotely.com report that show the ever increasing prevalence of remote workers.

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